LLM in Human Rights

Preparing for your studies at Edinburgh Law School

We would encourage you to do some preparation for your studies before you arrive in Edinburgh, particularly if you have never studied law before, if you have studied outside of the UK or if English is not your first language.

Preparatory readings

The following titles are suggested as preparatory reading in the event that you have not previously studied international law or human rights.

If you have never studied international law before:

International Law: A Very Short Introduction
Vaughan Lowe
Oxford University Press 2015
ISBN 978-0-19-923933 | Paperback


Brierly’s Law of Nations
7th Edition
Andrew Clapham
Oxford University Press 2012
978-0-19-965794-0 | Paperback

If you have never studied Human Rights before:

Human Rights: A Very Short Introduction

Andrew Clapham
Oxford University Press 2015
ISBN 978-0-19-870616-8 | Paperback


International Human Rights Law, Chapters 1-4
Rhona K.M. Smith
9th edition, Oxford University Press 2019
ISBN 9780198843672| Paperback

A good general text on Human Rights that would be useful as a reference point throughout the programme:

Textbook on International Human Rights
International Human Rights Law
Rhona K.M. Smith
9th edition, Oxford University Press 2019


International Human Rights Law
Olivier de Schutter
2nd edition, Cambridge University Press 2014
ISBN 978-1-107-65721-2 | Paperback

Finally, if you have not studied in the UK before, have a look at the University of Edinburgh study skills online training.

Planning your programme

The programme consists of 180 credits, comprising taught courses worth 120 credits (60 credits per semester) and a 10,000 word dissertation worth 60 credits. Full programme details are available on the University Degree Regulations and Programmes of Study website.

View full programme information for the LLM in Human Rights

These courses are for the 2021/22 academic year. Please note that due to unforeseen circumstances or lack of demand for particular courses, we may not be able to run all courses as advertised come September 2021.

What’s happening in Human Rights Law at Edinburgh?

We are a community of active scholars and there is a wide range of projects, research groups, societies and communities with interests in the fields of human rights law and interdisciplinary connections. In particular, we are associated with the Global Justice Academy, which provides a range of opportunities to get involved with human rights activities at the University as well as to attend a range of interesting events. Additionally, we are closely involved with the Edinburgh Centre for International and Global Law, which welcomes a wide range of different international law related speakers and events every year.

Visit the Global Justice Academy website

Visit the Edinburgh Centre for International and Global Law

You can follow the news of the LLM in Human Rights on Twitter at @HumanRtsLLMinEdi.

You may find it interesting to find out about the following groups:

We also have many strong links with other institutions, both in the UK and worldwide and always have an active programme of events and speakers from across the globe.

To find out more about the Postgraduate Community at Edinburgh Law School visit our community pages.

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