LLM in Law

Preparing for your studies at Edinburgh Law School

Preparatory Readings

Due to the breadth of the programme, it is impossible to suggest any specific readings to you. However, if you are from outside the United Kingdom it would be very helpful if you familiarised yourself with the UK legal system:

  • Dewart, The Scottish Legal System, Bloomsbury 2019
  • Slapper & Kelly, The English Legal System, Routledge, 2020
  • Malleson & Moules, The Legal System, Oxford University Press 2010
  • More academic, perhaps: Tom Bingham, The Rule of Law, Penguin 2011

Additionally, you might want to consult a book on studying law in the UK, e.g. :

  • Dewart & MacQueen, Studying Scots Law, Bloomsbury 2016
  • Barnard, O’Sullivan, Vigo, What About Law? Studying Law at University, Bloomsbury 2011

More advanced, and reflective of the outward looking scholarship at Edinburgh, you will also find this a very stimulating read!:

  • Walker, Intimations of Global Law, Oxford University Press 2014

Planning your programme

The programme consists of 180 credits, comprising taught courses worth 120 credits (60 credits per semester) and a 10,000 word dissertation worth 60 credits.

To ensure a programme of general interest there are no mandatory courses, however you may only select a certain number of credits (60 per semester) from particular fields. This is indicated in the course options list below. Full programme details including detailed course descriptions are available on the University Degree Regulations and Programmes of Study website.

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These courses are for the 2022/23 academic year.

What is happening at Edinburgh Law School?

We are a community of active scholars and there is a wide range of projects, research groups, societies and communities across disciplines available for you to join. Whatever your interest, you will find something to spark your imagination or further your studies and personal interests. Use the links below to find out more about what is on offer.

We also have many strong links with other institutions, both in the UK and worldwide and always have an active programme of events and speakers from across the globe.

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